18L Knapsack
Power Mist blower

Ideal for applications of pesticides, fertilizers and organic products in general, with more comfort.


Multi-purpose machine that operates with normal or ultra-low volume (ULV).
The best cost-benefit ratio on the Market for application of pesticidesand fungicides                                           on large scale crops or in cases where higher productpenetration is required.


  • Capacity: 18 L
  • Applies liquids, powders or small seeds, as well as granulated products.
  • Exclusive Kawasaki Engine (TEX54M) with TK pulsating carburetor:
  • High power and low fuel consumption.
  • The engine’s high power output delivers the best performanceand allows                                                             it also to be used as professional power-blower.
  • Larger tank capacity as compared to similar brands, with unprecedented                                                         design: low center of gravity, more comfort and better balance for operators.
  • Exclusive liquid agitation by air injection at the bottom of the                                                                               tank:prevents product sedimentation.
  • Excellent vertical and horizontal reach.
  • Avoids wasting product or contaminating the environment: Super 4,button                                                             actuated, discharge valve for instant interruption of the flow of liquid.






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    Enables application of insecticides and fertilizers, powders and seeds.

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