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"Brazil has vast experience in firefighting", says the Guarany manager.


During the month of October 2015, the President of Guarany, Mrs. Alida Bellandi, the International Relations Manager, Alisa Liu the Manager of the Forestry Division, Candido Simões, all Participated in the 6th World Forest Fire Conference in South Korea. Organized under the auspices of FAO and UNISDR (the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction), this sixth edition was entitled "The Management of Fire and Sustainable Development".

This event of significant importance, occurs every four years and brings together experts from all around the world, and had even more relevance in 2015 due to the COP 21 Fair held in early December in Paris. 73 countries were represented by scientists, government institutions and professionals from the private sector, to discuss further cooperation between these various entities.

As co-founders of the World Fire Network at the Sevilla Conference in 2007 and the Latin American Network conference held in South Africa in 2011, the company has been engaged for over 20 years in environmental issues, either directly on an institutional basis!

"At the last meeting we defended the thesis that forest fires, because they are closely related to climate change through CO2 emissions, affect agricultural production and therefore the security of our food source! Making this association is essential for greater involvement of governments in preventing and combating, not only the fires, but other natural disasters", said Ms. Bellandi.

“Disasters have been increasing in number, frequency and intensity over recent years, with substantial economic and environmental losses, not to mention human lives", she continued, "as demonstrated by the Natural Disaster Monitoring Radar that we created more than 10 years ago to accompany these developments, and for guiding our future actions".

"We delivered a document to the Latin American Network with our contribution for the drafting of the final document for this region! And we presented a poster regarding our partnership with ISA (The Socio-Environmental Institute of Sao Paulo) through the means of a training project for indigenous fire brigades in the Xingu region of Brazil and the supply of special equipment, which resulted in a significant reduction of fire outbreaks in the region after several consecutive years of training", he added.

Guarany also participated with a stand and had the support of customers from Hong Kong to Panama!

Brazil will host the next conference in 2019! Regarded as a potent environmental mover, where we will have the opportunity and the responsibility to take a leadership role in this area, and Guarany will be contributing to the success of this event!