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Delivering equipment technology to fight Aedes aegypti


The incidence of Dengue cases continues to alarm the city of Campinas and the surrounding region. In the past two years, these cases have increased to 100,000 infected people and this is considered to be the highest recorded in its history. During only the first two quarters of 2015, approximately 65,000 individuals were detected with the disease and 11 deaths have been confirmed. According to the State Epidemiological Surveillance Centre more than 99% of these cases have been confirmed within the municipality.

Given this endemic situation, the municipality public management began various initiatives for vector control, for example, removing tons of debris/breeding grounds, water storage tank screens, court summons of the owners of land to provide the cleaning of these sites, visiting more than 250 thousand properties carrying out inspections and providing guidance for the residents, convening more than 250 agents and preparation of a public health network to serve the local population.

Among these measures was also technical delivery of equipment to combat dengue, which was purchased by the Sanitation Centre for Advanced Services, winner of the bidding process for the provision of services for the Campinas City Council.

The Guarany 6L Motorized Knapsack Mister, is a piece of equipment certified by the World Health Organization and Approved by the Ministry of Health for spatial control of flying insects in urban areas, including the Aedes aegypti.

"One of the important advantages of this equipment is that it assists in the process of mosquito control in their adult stage, which is undoubtedly a great benefit for the entire population and provides a hope to eliminate the focus of the disease in this region", explains Walter Marini, Guarany Commercial-Technical Manager.

More efficient application of insecticides

The equipment has already been in use in the city since the beginning of this month and this was a Guarany innovative project to provide more efficiency in the application of insecticides, while at the same time providing full protection for the operator.

For spatial type cold misting of insecticides, in which 80% of the particles are below 30 microns for flow rates of 30 to 250 ml/min, the 6L Motorized Knapsack Mister is ideal for endemic combat, such as dengue, malaria, yellow fever, Chagas disease and schistosomiasis.

Furthermore, it can be used for sanitizing schools, homes, parks, industrial plants, agricultural and agribusinesses.