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Disinfection of public and residential environments is essential to prevent the spread of the coronavirus


The use of disinfection equipment assists in ensuring hygiene, the greatest weapon to protect the population from infection


Cases of death by Covid-19, or coronavirus, outside Chinese territory exceeded those recorded in China itself, said the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on March 16. In Brazil, the Ministry of Health confirmed cases in 17 states and the Federal District, besides 63 deaths from the coronavirus until now.

According to the Ministry of Health, Covid-19 is a virus that causes severe respiratory disease, with cases recorded worldwide. To prevent, or delay the spread of the virus, the Ministry of Health announced strategic measures and guidelines, which must be adapted at state and municipal levels.

Routine attitudes, such as washing your hands frequently and avoiding crowding, reduce infection by the coronavirus. The World Health Organization recommends reducing social contact, which will consequently reduce the chances of transmission of the virus, which is very high in the case of Covid-19, in addition to disinfecting shared surfaces and environments.

“The control of epidemics depends to a great extent on the population's awareness of the preventive measures that should be taken in homes, businesses, schools, restaurants, hotels and all places that bring people together. The use of more efficient technologies to combat and prevent public illnesses is extremely relevant to the success of these actions”, says agronomist Pedro Augusto Lopes, director of Guarany, one of the world leading companies in the manufacturing of agricultural sprayers and equipment for vector control in Public Health.

To help fighting the coronavirus, Guarany offers a wide range of equipment for disinfecting environments thus helping authorities, companies and citizens to face this moment of crisis, in which hygiene emerges as the greatest weapon to prevent infection.

Among these products, the COLD-FILL NEBULISER/ATOMISER – NAF stands out, which is compact, ergonomic and easy to use. The product has a translucent tank with drain and filter that facilitates its cleaning and emptying. “With a double function, atomization and nebulization, the equipment is versatile, allowing spatial and residual application in several places, such as factories, public transport, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, gyms and public spaces in general”, says Lopes.

The NAF has a robust electric motor with 1400 watts of power, reaching 8 meters vertically and 11 meters horizontally. It has an exclusive dispersion head for low volume and ultra-low volume application, offering a wide flow spectrum, between 15 to 400 ml per minute.

Spraying solutions

To assist in the cleaning and disinfection of home and office environments, aiming at preventing coronavirus in a practical and effective way, Guarany offers a complete line of Compression Sprayers.

The 1,2 L Compression Sprayer is a practical, light and efficient sprayer for applying disinfectants on handles, tables, windows and other surfaces.

The 4,7 L Compression Sprayer is a multi-purpose equipment, with an exclusive design, which offers greater autonomy and comfort during use. Light, compact, economical, and very practical, it allows the operator to speed up the application. It has a safety lock to prevent eventual accidents .

About Guarany      

Guarany is a 100% Brazilian company, with 350 employees, located in the city of Itu - SP. Exporting to more than 70 countries, it has consolidated itself in the national and international markets, as one of the most renowned manufacturers of machinery for  agrochemical application, equipment for vector control, and for forest fire fighting, in two highly specialized divisions. In addition to these lines, Guarany also stands out as a traditional manufacturer of fabric and other materials’ dyes for handicraft and industrial purposes.