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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decontaminate a sprayer after use?

After use, the equipment must be thoroughly washed  inside and out with clean water andwater must be passed through the discharge assembly. For total decontamination, there is available on the market an alkali soap that should be added during a second wash, and the mixture then left  for 24 hours in the equipment. In case of difficulty in finding this product, agrochemical manufacturers recommend a weak solution of Caustic Soda (NaOH). If in doubt, , please contact the manufacturer of the agrochemical in question.

How can I manually apply products in granules?

Guarany manufactures equipment that enables the precise and safe application of granule products:

1) Guarany Knapsack Granule Applicator: This is an Innovative piece of equipment which enables surface  applications in the form of a single dose or a continuous line, applied in accurate doses  through the use of a Joystick, that combines  practicality,  comfort and ease of changing between these functions.

2) Manual Granule Applicator: This allows the application of accurate doses  of granular insecticides in total safety, by direct injection of the product into the soil, thus avoiding waste, run-off and fauna contamination.

How can I dispense a powder for use against ants?

The Guarany Duster is the answer. Manufacturers of this type of powder usually always recommenda dosage per m² over the area to be treated, so Guarany dusters are calibrated for a specific dosage during each operation of the plunger.

For the treatment of ants with our Light Duster - Mata Formiga 1000, each operation of the plunger releases approximately  0.5 grams of powder.

For the Light Duster - Mata Formiga 2000 each operation of the plunger releases approximately 1.0 gram of powder.

What are the basic tools for the initial fighting of rural bush fires?

There are various products and items of equipment for fighting bush and forest fires. Guarany offers a complete line of these products. For a farm or rural property, the basic equipment must include hand tools, pumps or backpacks and fire dampers. There is also a foam-forming liquid for Class A fires, which, when mixed with water, increases the combat efficiency five-fold. It is biodegradable and used at low dosages.  Guarany also supplies Motorized pumps with specific hoses for fire-fighting operations in rural areas, as well as versatile and compact firefighting kits that can be installed in pick-up type vehicles, which allow quicker and easier access to difficult or remote areas.

What should I do with the empty agrochemical packaging after use?

Guarany recommends that disposal of any residues and packaging from chemical products is carried out in compliance with the regulatory requirements of local current legislation. The incorrect dsposal of any chemical residues  can have a damaging impact on the environment, causing significant changes in the quality of soil, surface water, and groundwater, and may affect  the health of the local population.

Always read the packaging labels and leaflet inserts of those chemical to be used and comply with current legislation and laws.

Do not wash the packaging in ponds, fountains or rivers etc.


What is a Compression Sprayer?

The Compression Sprayer is a sprayer which has a tank that retains pressure and, by means of a suitable pump, pressurizes the mix without the need for the operator to pump continuously during application. For this equipment, the operator firstly adds the mixture to be sprayed and then applies  pressure in the tank before application.

Guarany has many pre-pressure sprayers, all of which have tanks especially designed to withstand the wotking pressures:

The Environmental Health Line:
- Compression Sprayer - Super 2S 15.2l
- Compression Sprayer - Super 2S 11.4l
- Compression Sprayer - Super 2S 7.6l
- Compression Sprayer - Pro 6.0l

Agricultural line:
- Compression Sprayer - 7.6l
- Compression Sprayer - 4.7l
- Compression Sprayer - 1.2l
- Compression Sprayer - Universal 15l
- Compression Sprayer - Universal 10l
- Compression Sprayer - Universal 5l

Can I apply herbicide using the Guarany 5l High Pressure Sprayer?

No, the nature of the operation of the equipment and the size of droplets generated are designed for insecticides, fertilizers, and fungicides.  For the application of herbicides in small areas, we recommend compression or backpack  sprayers, which enable replacement of the spray tip for the fan type.

Can I use two spray nozzle tips with the lever-operated knapsack sprayer?

Yes, but in this case there is a  the need for an increased flow rate, which requires greater frequency of pumping using the manual leverby the operator. This work may be made more comfortable by adding a flow control valve, which reduces the pumping effort needed.

Can I use powder and granules/pellets with the Guarany Knapsack Mister?

Yes, however for applying powder and granulesthe following accessory must be purchased: Pellet applicator/doser (code 8076)  The accessory for pellet application/dosing is only included in the UBV - BV 11 litre applicator, and for the other models this accessory must be purchased separately. .Different granular pellet sizes and can also be used with the Guarany blower when used in conjunction  with the blower nozzle (code 7582) that is supplied with .the machine.

How can I reduce fire risk on my farm?

Preventive techniques are critical to ensure the safety of your property.

For example, before performing controlled burning to create a fire-break, you need to take some safety measures that will ensure the success of this operation, such as burning off during windless days in the cooler hours, clearing the area to be burned of loose dead scrub, maintaining communication and constant monitoring of the burning operation and equipping yourself with adequately to fight the fire.


What safety equipment should I use when applying pesticides?

Before using any agrochemical, read the label and package leaflet of the chemical to be applied to find out what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required, and any other necessary form of protection when handling theproducts.

If there is no PPE information on the labels and leaflets of the chemical to be applied, use: appropriate clothing (trousers and long-sleeved shirt) for protection against chemicals; waterproof boots; face respirator with combined filter (chemical filter against organic vapours and mechanical filter class P2); facial visor; hooded head cover; gloves and during the preparation of the chemical mix to be applied, use a waterproof apron.


How can I avoid waste when applying agrochemicals using a knapsack sprayer?

Guarany has developed an attachment called the Universal Liquid Doser which can be adapted to any Guarany sprayer. This component allows for precise dosages ranging from 2 to 25 ml for each operation of the lever without the operator coming into contact with the agrochemical.

What are the advantages of using a flow regulator?

Flow regulators are accessories recommended for the knapsack manual pump action sprayers and pre-pressurized sprayers. This accessory controls the maximum working pressure, providing uniformity of application and a reduction in drift.

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